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A Haunting Image

It was a haunting picture, one that I can’t seem to shake. On the front page of a news site, staring back at me was a picture of a young boy. He looked to be about the same age as my son, maybe nine or ten years old. Taken the day of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the boy’s face was grey with ash from the fallen buildings around him. He looked deeply saddened and as if he was in shock. He probably was.

My initial anger over what seemed like an exploitive photo opportunity has morphed into the reality that this young boy’s pain captured in an image has served to perhaps shake us out of our daily routines and feel the deep urge to do something…something to ease his pain, something to help him and the many, many others living through this tragedy. My heart aches for this boy and the many other children that are at this moment facing such physical and emotional pain.

World Vision is on the ground in Haiti providing desperately needed relief and aid. To help, please visit the World Vision website.

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