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Over at Ungrind Today

Today, I’m over at Ungrind with my article The Peace Bubble. If you haven’t visited Ungrind before, drop by for lots of interesting and inspiring articles. You won’t be sorry. Hope to see you there.

“Walking into the hospital, a multitude of memories rush in, swept in with the breeze from the revolving doors. The dimly lit hallway leads to…”

Visit Ungrind to read the rest of The Peace Bubble.

Photo Courtesy of PhotoXpress

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  1. Wow, dear Angela. I love how Father God uses you. We’ve already talked tonight, so you know what’s on my heart. In the minutes/hours since we talked, God has worked and I am nestled safely in my peace bubble. Then I saw that you blogged again and I opened it despite the late hour & my need for sleep. God wanted me to see the bubble that He’s surrounded me in on your blog post and to read your words and feel your peace from Him. Funny, because my sis and I always joked about wanting a bubble to take us wherever we needed to go much like the one the good witch traveled in on the Wizard of Oz. And tonight, I got a visual of mine. Love you Sweet Angie! Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

    May 15, 2012
    • Hi sweet friend! I’m so glad this blessed you. His peace is everything, isn’t it? I love that about you, your sis & the bubble to transport you wherever you want to go. What a great picture! Thank you, Lori!

      May 16, 2012

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