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Thank Goodness for Storytellers – Down syndrome Awareness Month


I love a good story. I’m drawn to storytellers. So, it makes sense that I love reading. Being transported to another world and walking through adventure with a character on a page is not only fun, but opens a world of imagination.

I come from a family of readers. Listening to my son, now sixteen, read a book for the first time so many years ago, was pure pleasure, even when he mispronounced the main character’s name. We still laugh about it.

“Lousy went to the park.”

“Lousy?” I said. Standing at the kitchen sink, I dried my hands. I walked over to the couch and sat next to my boy, peering over his shoulder at the book. “Ahhh, her name is Louise.” He laughed, an elephant-sized belly laugh. I laughed, too.

He read early for his age and voraciously. Still does.

The other day, in a mad search for some missing black and white photos, I came across the journal I kept when I was pregnant with my daughter, Sofia. After propping myself up on my elbows against my bed, I read my words from over ten years ago. To say I was moved is an understatement. My conversations with God after finding out my daughter had Down syndrome were raw…but hopeful.

Reading page after page of my journal, one prayer was offered again and again – that my daughter would thrive… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Who doesn’t want that for their child?

Sitting on my bed, I reflected how those prayers have been answered many times over…in time. They’re still being answered.



Sofia, like her brother, has always loved books. When she was three, I’d find her sitting cross-legged in the big book basket filled with children’s books in our living room.

She’d spend orbs of time flipping through the pages of one book after another. Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours reading books together – me reading, she listening.

But, something happened over the last year.




This summer I sat down to snuggle with her on the wicker sofa on our front porch, pillows piled all around. And…she read me a story. For the first time.

Sofia read to me.

What a pleasure to sit and be read a story…by my daughter.

It seemed a long time coming. But on this journey, I’ve learned that change happens. I’ve learned Sofia learns at her own pace. There is growth. And not just for her, but for me. Sometimes, I forget to breathe into the moment and enjoy the journey.

Often the biggest wins, worthy of the biggest celebrations, are those that are a long-time coming.



So today, I’m celebrating. My little girl can read me a story! I can curl up with her and just listen and imagine.

Thank goodness for storytellers!














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  1. NellieAbraham #

    Thanks for sharing….miss you…love this, Sofia and you💞

    October 6, 2015
  2. Thanks so much, Nellie! Miss you, too. Much love, friend!

    October 6, 2015
  3. Reblogged this on Waitingformymiracle's Blog and commented:
    This is my very first reblog, and I am honored to share a most precious friend’s words & snippet of her life. She is such a gift to me in so many levels. Read her stuff, you will be blessed.

    October 7, 2015
  4. Ok, between this & yesterday’s video, I am a leaky mess! I have walked these ten years plus a few more with you, and it has been amazing watching Father God work in our families. I just sit in awe and absolute praise! I love you dear, dear friend!

    October 7, 2015
  5. Oh my goodness, my dear friend. Words can’t express how enormously grateful I am for the blessing of you! Thank you for walking through this journey with me, Lori. So thankful for you and your precious family! Much love, dear one.

    October 7, 2015
  6. I thank my sister, waiting for my miracle for putting me on to you. What a beautiful tender story. I too grew up with a boy with severe learning difficulties. He was like a brother but he wasn’t my brother. It’s funny when you live with a person who is ‘different’ after a while you stop seeing the differences. I remember playing out with him one day and later at school these boys asked me “Who was the Spaz (spastic) you were with the other day?!” So charming. I saw beyond the difference. I wish now I had said “He’s my brother.” Every blessing for your family!😊

    October 9, 2015
  7. Your friend was very blessed to have you in his life, Reuben. I’m so grateful to those who look beyond the ‘differences’ and see my daughter as she is, a precious little girl with a personality all her own. Blessings to you! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your story!

    October 9, 2015

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